A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

During that agonizingly long month wait, I continued to try and improve my grades (which I started to make some progress on), as well as continue to try and spy both Mom and Rheta during times in which they thought they were alone. There was another night where I got to overhear Mom’s filthy mouth, again I came in my shorts just from hearing her words (but this time I had the foresight to bring my phone and so I got to record the whole thing, and that file is saved deep in my computer). But the best thing to happen was when I came downstairs late one night and, sitting on the couch with her hand frantically rubbing her pussy, was Rheta. On the tv was a picture of me from this summer, in my bathing suit, posing like some Greek statue of a muscleman (reverse dab and pointing to the sky) and looking like a dork. “Oh, BIG brother! You rub my pussy so good! Please Henry, stick it in, I need to feel your cock in me. Pound my virgin cunt, brother! Spew your cum on my face and titties so it dries on my face and then pound me again until I’m overflowing with your cum and I can’t walk anymore! OHHHHH!”

Watching my sister cum to thoughts of me was amazing as her body spasms jerked her entire body into a sort of half crunch with every pulse. I was annoyed that I didn’t have my phone with me as this would have been saved right along with my recording of Mom. As it was, I’d have to settle for the memory and hope that I could catch her again in the future. Always have your phone with you when you’re perving on your family; memories fade but videos don’t.


It was the Wednesday before the break when I started to put the rest of my plan in motion. To start, I did something that I’d wanted to do since that Halloween night when I’d heard Mom say it to her fantasy me: I jizzed into her panties, a black pair so that she would see the stain and know what I had done. Her initial claim about knowing I used their bras was a little unsettling, but since neither had mentioned it to me, I assumed it was something that we all enjoyed and thus I kept doing it. I’d waited this long to do this because I didn’t want Mom to think that I’d heard her that night and just done it to tease her; waiting made it look like this was my choice to up the ante. After stashing her panties back in the drawer (on top so she’d see them first), I sent an email to my hired muscle telling him that it was to happen this Friday night and that I’d leave him some stuff in a bush out front, as well as giving him the address. I told him the house was not so secluded that he’d have free reign, but it wasn’t in the suburbs where everyone could hear everything their neighbours did.

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