A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

But it wasn’t the food that stopped me in my tracks, it was them. Both of them were wearing two-piece bathing suits, something that I’d never seen either of them do before. I watched as their breasts jiggled all the way down the hill; while their tops covered most of their tits, they also pushed them up and together, creating deep valleys of cleavage on both of them. As my eyes roamed down their bodies, I took in their flat stomachs and narrow waists that flared out to wide hips (Mom’s being wider than my sister’s). Their legs were strong, as all three of us would run for an hour on the treadmill we had at home three times a week; Mom’s thighs were thicker than Rheta’s, but she still had a healthy dose of meat to her.

Blood rushed to my cock as they drew closer and I realized for the first time how beautiful my mother and sister were. Or at least, this was the first time that I’d noticed them as hot, sexy females. In an attempt to hide my growing erection, I sat back down on the chair I’d just vacated and pulled my legs up. It was then, as if in sync, they came around my chair and walked over to the two others that sat on the beach, bending at the waist as they stuck their asses out in my direction (Mom’s bikini was barely able to contain her upside-down heart shaped ass, whereas the material on my sister’s was stretched tight over her peached shaped one) as they put their plates down and dragged the chairs so that they were on either side of me. Mom on my left and Rheta on my right.


I suppose I should tell you what my mom and sister look like. And the truth is, they could pass for sisters. Like Mom and her sister, my Aunt Marie, don’t even look this similar. They both have really long flowing black hair that they wear in the same style, most of it’s loosely pulled back into a sort of loose man-bun at the back before letting the rest flow down their backs while they have two lightly curled bangs that hang down and frame their faces. If you’ve ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, think of combining Azula and her mom’s hairstyles and that’s basically what my Mom and sister have. Mom’s slightly taller than Rheta and has bigger boobs (I’ve since learned Mom’s a 40EE whereas my sister is a 36C). All three of us have golden hazel eyes and my sister’s lips are a dark shade of pink that match her areolas perfectly. Mom’s lips are a lighter pink and her areolas are the same colour as Rheta’s (although, in this current moment, I didn’t know these things). As I said, my mother and sister basically look like twins themselves, but where Rheta is firm and pert, Mom is, for lack of a better word, doughy (but in the best possible way).

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