A husband discovers his wife’s secret affair

“Look at me when you suck my cock,” she commands.

I look up and see Alex paying attention to Erin’s tits, getting ready to straddle her face. Alex drops her pussy, and Erin sucks Alex’s swollen lips into her mouth.


I try and focus on what I like done to me when I have my cock sucked and try to do the same for Erin. She moans as she eats Alex’s pussy. Erin’s hips buck, pushing her cock deeper into my mouth, and her cock pulses. It’s an interesting feeling, and I want her to do it again, so I commit my lips and tongue to her more earnestly. Her cock pulses again.

“I’m going to come,” Erin says.

I’ve tasted my cum before but never anyone else’s. I have no idea if it will be the same or not, so I see if I can get her to come. I cradle her balls in my hand and gently squeeze as I suck on her hard cock. She comes. It’s the strangest sensation I’ve ever felt. Her cum is warm and slippery. It’s salty and gooey. It coats my mouth and tongue, and I can’t help but swallow some of it. I pull off her shaft and finagle my way to my wife. Getting on my knees in front of her, I give her a deep kiss. Pushing some of Erin’s cum into her mouth, she darts her tongue greedily down my throat as she tries to get more from me.

“Now, I want to watch you fuck Erin,” Alex says.

Alex and I have had anal sex a few times, and she enjoys it to a point, but we only do it occasionally. Personally, I like fucking Alex’s ass, so I figure fucking Erin will be pleasurable for everyone.

Erin moves out from underneath us, gets on her knees while I get a condom from the nightstand, and put some lube on it. I run some lube around the outside of Erin’s asshole, and she arches her back to open herself to me. Alex takes my cock and guides it to Erin’s hole, and I press in slowly. My cockhead pops into her ass, and Erin pushes back against me, sinking my cock all the way into her. I slide in and out of her, fucking her ass while holding onto her hips.

Alex gets in front of Erin and presents her pussy to her. Erin licks Alex’s clit and sucks her labia into her mouth while I fuck Erin’s ass. I go faster until I’m ready to come. Pulling out, I rip the condom off and jack my cock until I spray cum all over her back. After scooping some sperm off her skin, I lube her asshole with it. Then, I put on another condom and slide my cock back into her, using my sperm as a lubricant. Alex turns around, so they are in a 69 position, and sucks on Erin’s cock while I fuck her. Erin’s muscles pulse and tighten around my cock as she lets out a grunt. I look down at Alex and see sperm seeping from the corners of her mouth and surmise that Erin came. I pull out of Erin and remove the condom before dropping onto the bed, exhausted.

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