Betrayed Husbands Anonymous

Chuck’s partners were close to telling him not to do his current plan, until he assured them, he would still make the weekly partnership meetings. Chuck claimed boredom and wanted to do a “real” job. He wanted to run a local office of Perfect Project. So, in addition to being on the board of Perfect, and its de facto CEO, he was a second-tier executive, working 300 miles from Perfect’s central office.

Chuck found a former BHA member, who was an accountant. The accountant’s wish had been a parking lot mugging gone bad. His ex-wife’s new husband had been fatally shot during the robbery. The thief got away with $47.00. Like Chuck, the accountant had no remorse and a newly found appetite to “help” others. Chuck had an accounting system which would launder his own money, and cash from the support group, to go with regular business payments, so his office turned a small profit each month.


The accountant quickly pointed out to Chuck that Perfect would need to hire women. Failure to do so would bring down the Equal Opportunities people. So, the office where Perfect was headquartered did legitimate work, with a balanced workforce and the BHA work, done only by men, was done from a different, private office. The men who worked there were contractors for, rather than employees of Perfect.

Every presentation by every member of Betrayed Husbands Anonymous was recorded. The recording was given to one of Perfect’s project planners. His role was to make the wish a reality.

Nearly every contract employee of Chuck’s branch of Perfect was a former BHA member. They provided several services: arranging the time and place for meetings; recruiting new members; adding members to Perfect’s consultants; and planning through execution of all wishes.


There was a knock at my door. A man was standing there holding a card. The card was from Betrayed Husbands and the centered name was Ralph. The man who handed me the card said, “You may call me Chuck. [author’s note, this is the founder, Chuck, though he will lie about it.]”

“That’s a new twist. Usually, a man gives me a card and name which are the same and I know – not representative of anything. Now, you give me a name different from the card, which I believe is yours.”

“They told me you were smart. May I come in?”

“Certainly, Chuck. I have been wondering who would approach me and when.”

“I guess I drew the short straw and they sent me.”

“Might I ask who ‘they'”, I said with air quotes, “is?”

“Well, you might, but I am not at liberty to divulge those for whom I work.”

“Okay, Chuck, let me have it, why are you here?” I gave him my warmest smile; I didn’t want to put him off.

“First, I have some news. The company your wife works for is about to have a major overhaul. They have had no morals clause for some time because the man who runs this part of the organization, has no morals. It turns out, he is about to be taken to the cleaners by an irate wife, who has a number of particularly nasty STDs.”

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