Betrayed Husbands Anonymous


Life could have been so different. In almost every way Chuck’s life had ended that night. He came home and found his wife in bed with some guy. She should have known better. Chuck’s business was drugs, sex, gambling, and assuring his “company” had no competition.


Mostly, he kept competition from growing by explaining consequences to would-be competitors. Sometimes, they required small demonstrations of his potential sincerity. Of course, other times he had to actually carry out the consequences. The nice part of that, no one needed a second lesson in consequences; the first being terminal.

Chuck could not believe his eyes. His stupid wife knew what he’d do, and now he was forced to do it. He reached for his gun but decided these two needed to be punished, first. He threw the man aside and hit his wife, knocking her unconscious. He turned his attention toward the naked gentleman scrambling to get up. He never made it.

Chuck was in the process of hitting, kicking, stomping, gouging, and otherwise destroying his wife’s lover. He was beyond angry, but “a true professional”; he was taking his time. Like a mouse caught by a cat, the lover was in for a long day — his last.

Chuck heard a gunshot behind him, felt a sharp pain, fell to his knees, and lost consciousness. He awoke in a hospital bed, hand cuffed to the side rail. He found he was charged with one count of murder and another of assault. By the time his wife recovered, shot him, called 911, and got a response, her lover had died from internal injuries.

Chuck was a very wealthy man. He got a great attorney, plead temporary insanity and got 7-10 years for involuntary manslaughter. He was a model prisoner and out in seven years. He was full of fury.

He did have a prenuptial agreement and his divorce cost him nothing but legal fees. He ruined the slut financially, killed her lover, and was very disappointed he’d not done more. He was warned that if anything happened to her, he’d end up in prison for life. He decided he’d forgo any further revenge, until he found an ironclad way to attain it.

Chuck needed revenge. As he thought about it, who he took revenge upon was less important to him than exacting the revenge. One cheating slut was like any other. The men who helped them betray their husbands all deserving of a similar fate. Chuck could keep getting revenge, and as long as it was on other’s, equally deserving, he would never be caught.

Eventually, he came up with Betrayed Husbands Anonymous.

Chuck was a perfect conduit between people wanting revenge and people who could exact revenge. He started developing the means by which the two could be in contact and yet never meet.


The private eye’s report was revealing. My wife’s one-time fling was with a guy she worked with. Her definition of one-time must have been this was the one-time she’d tell me anything about it.

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