Bro and sis keep a promise, Mom and dad make it better

This is my first story for All characters are 18 or older of course and any and all thought or actions of sexual nature occur after that age. Any and all comments are encouraged and welcome. I’ve heard it said truth will always be stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. I’m not going to say one way or the other but if you comment I’d also be curious as to whether you think this story actually could be true and why or why not.

The events of these last few weeks involving me, my sister and our parents have been flat out, mind blowing, fantastic for sis and I. This then is the story of how our present wonderful situation came to be.


It all started with our 18th birthday. Well really the day after. Until that fateful day we’d never thought of one another as any thing other than brother and sister. Sis and I are twins, she’s older by about five minutes. We’d been taking extra courses for college credit the last year and a half of high school and had both graduated at the beginning of the summer.

It was already early September and college started for both of us in two days. Sis not too far from the folks small farm and me at the agricultural university across the state. Even though we’d never really been separated before, having grown up as playmates and close as twins so often are, we weren’t too concerned as we’d still be able to visit the folks fairly often.

Only three more years of college and we could put our longer term plans for turning the farm into a real business into action. We thought being able to start our own business at 21 would be just fine.

We were a later in life sort of surprise for our folks and were 11 years younger than the youngest of our brothers who all now had families of their own some distance away. Mom had explained it when we were older. She was 42 at the time and thought she was finally over menopause. She and dad had celebrated with gay abandon.

A little too much celebration and way too much abandon apparently as she turned up pregnant within a month. At her age there was some concern that her eggs may have been past their best used by date.

In due course though we both showed up in fine condition. Growing up together on a small farm on the far outskirts of town was nice and we were happy to be there helping mom and dad. Sis had decided to major in business and culinary arts and I was going for an agriculture major.

The town had grown much closer to the farm in the last few years and local tourism picked up as well. We planned on taking over the farm on a more businesslike basis with a bed and breakfast and small bakery attached. We had the space for the new buildings and mom and dad were all for it.

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