College son takes mother during a massage

College son takes mother during a massage, My name is David, 18 years old, in college. Somehow, in spite of my family, I never became an athlete, I just did not have the body. I resigned myself to joining a computer club and learnt some Internet skills. At the club, we had free, unrestricted access to the Internet. It didn’t take long before I used it to access pornography. I was initially put off by the pictures of the leering, seductive women, they were just too fake. Then a buddy of mine gave me an Internet address and told me to check it out.

I did as soon as possible. It turned out to be an incest site featuring true incest cases. I read the cases one by one and looked at the pictures. The people seemed to enjoy themselves so much, perhaps it was because they were related. But I quickly began to lose interest in the cases, again, they seemed quite fake. Until I saw this case of a son who had seduced his mother. I read their story and was intrigued.


It sounded exactly like my family. My dad had divorced my mum and married some woman and moved away. All that we had was the house and some money. Mum had no choice but to go to work while I attended school. Life was tough and she would always give me advice about studying hard to get a good job.

She also told me that if I ever found the right woman, I should love her forever and never leave her no matter what happened. I just accepted whatever she said, never thinking twice about them. But this case made me remember her advice. In this case, the mother had also told her son exactly the same advice. In the end, the son professed his love to his mother one day. They consummated their relationship immediately. I looked through the pictures that they had taken. It was amazing. The mother and son actually enjoyed fucking each other. The mother especially seemed to enjoy blowing her son’s penis.

This immediately gave me a hard-on that did not subside even when I arrived home that evening. Mum had just returned home and was in the kitchen preparing dinner. I put down my things and joined her there. When I saw her, I was immediately captivated by her.

She was wearing her work clothes: a white blouse that wasn’t really see-through but you could make out her bra, and a tight black office skirt that reached just above her knees. They weren’t particularly sexy clothes, but on her body, they made her look really beautiful. Her legs were long and slender, just like her arms. In fact, she had managed to keep her 40- year-old body slim and in shape by doing routine exercises. I never really bothered about her exercise, but now I knew why I should encourage her to continue them. Her breasts were not huge like melons but not small like a teenager reaching puberty. They were sufficiently big to be enticing. Her long hair was let free and hung just below her shoulders. I approached her and helped her lay the table in the kitchen, all the time admiring her body. I had never been so captivated by her before.

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