Loving wife

I am still bachelors from heart. I changed to sorts and went to general couch. I found a seat with a guy. He was really funny. They were coming from giving examination. We played poker. We had fun. When we reached our station. I bid them good bye. And went to 2 Ac coach. I helped dad in getting our things out. We booked a ola and reached home. It was Sunday and I had planned with my friends. My mom told me are you even human. You have not slept from last 36 hours. And now going for party. I didn’t listen to her. I went to party. I came back late. They all had slept. I came and slept on Hall couch. Next day was Monday. Sister has flight on that say for bangalore. She was studying there. I dropped her to airport and came back. my mom ask me to talk with my wife. Make her feel comfortable. I said I don’t even know her. How should I start talking. I went to my room. She was cleaning my room. She didn’t see me coming. She said to herself. How much dirty my husbands room is. How he lives in such dirty room. I said sweetheart it’s bachelor’s room. She turned towards me and said sorry i didn’t see you coming. She was scared. I said it’s ok. I asked her about her education. She was masters from psychology. I said so you can read my brain. She joked I can even hypnotize you. We chatted for our hobbys and then mom called us for dinner. Dad asked her about career plans. She said I want to do phd and want to be professor.

Dad said there is no professor in our family. It’s good. Dad said I will chat with one of my friend for your phd. She said thanks papa. My mother said kids dont need to thank their parents. My mother then asked her what was your age when your mother died. I was shocked I dint knew about that. I said sorry to her. She said it ok. She told me she had cancer. Her father only had did everything for her. I said ok. We went to our room. While we were chatting for half our. We started hearing moaning sound from parents room. My wife was resting her head on my lap. She looked at me and asked what’s that. I said it’s ok. It’s everyday thing. Let me tell you about my mom. She is white with brown hair and natural pink lips. Her figure is 38-28-36. She is really hot. I asked do you want to look. She said are you crazy. They are our parents. How can you. What if we are caught. I said I am peeping in their room from last 19 years. Their was one small window which use to open in my room. I slowly opened it. I brought her to window. She was acting I dont want to look. She then saw. Dad was fucking mom in doggy position like a dog fucks a bitch. Mom was screaming loudly. I was standing beside my wife. We were peeping. We were becoming hot. No dad bought mom to himm he kissed her for another 5 minutes. He standed her against wall and started ramming her from back. She was saying dont fuck so hard. Now we have daughter in law. What she will think. He was not in mood to listen. He slapped her. And continued fucking. After 10 minutes he ejaculated in her. My mom said I am on periods and not on pill. I may become pregnant. Dad said it’s ok if you become pregnant. They went to sleep. My wife closed the door. She looked at me. I started kissing her. We were horny now. We kissed for 10 minutes. I opened her top and trouser. She had small breasts. I started tongue fucking her. She started moaning lightly.

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