Mad for Mom! Son’s persistence pays off

“I think it is Alex. Please, I can’t discuss this anymore.” She said frustrated.

“Maybe I should go and get a hooker for my first time.” I said, now upset and frustrated.


Son, wait for the right girl.” She said with care.

“You are the right girl, wouldn’t you like to teach me how to make love? Wouldn’t you like to be my first?” I asked with sincerity.

“Alex if it wasn’t so taboo and wrong I would.” She said holding firm on her decision.

“Mom, please just think about it. Just promise me you’ll think about me next time you masturbate.” I said confidently.

“I can’t do that. Are you crazy?” She protested.

“Yes Mom, I’m crazy for you!” I said feeling frustrated.

“Alex, you have to get over this.” She said sternly.

“Mom, please just think of me one time when you’re playing with yourself and if it turns you off, I will understand.” I begged.


“Please Mom, just promise me you’ll think of me one time when you rub your clit and if you don’t cum hard, I will drop it.” I said very boldly.

“Alex, that is so wrong, I can’t.” She looked flustered.

“Just try one time Mom. Please, please, please? It will be our secret, I promise.”

“Alex, I don’t think so.” She said almost as if she might give in.

“Mom, at least say maybe. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to do. Please just say maybe. You’re going to make me cry if you don’t. I love you so much, I’d do anything for you.” I said putting my face in my hands.

“I don’t know Alex, this is too weird.”

“Please Mom, just say maybe and I will drop it for the night?” I pleaded, as I looked back up into her beautiful eyes.

“Ok, MAYBE! Now drop it, I’m feeling very uncomfortable.” She said as if guessing herself and her answer.

“Thank you Mom, I love you more than anything in the world and I would never do anything to hurt you.” I said gratefully.

“I know that son. You have been wonderful son and I love you very much. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Ok Mom, let’s drop it for now. I’ll clean up, would you like to watch a movie?” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

” A movie sounds good, what would you like to watch tonight?” She asked, relieved the subject was changed.

“You pick it Mom, anything you want to see is fine with me.”

“Ok, Ill see what’s on the movie channel.”

Mom got up and went into the living room to choose a flick. Her ass looked so hot as she left the room. I gathered our dishes and cleaned them up in a hurry. I brought Mom a glass of wine and sat down next to her. My Mom likes to watch Lifetime, movies for woman. I’ve watched them with Mom before, some of them are pretty good. They are also about relationships and there is always a lot of sex scenes. I was pleased with her choice.

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