My Wife and Mother Our open Marriage

It was very quiet for a moment , then Drew said, “those are some sweet tits dad, nice!”

Dan said, “yes son they are nice. She’s very proud of the girls, as she calls them.”


Then Drew asked, “You know dad, I’ve never seen mom’s pussy, how about it?

Oh crap, is my husband really going to expose the rest of me right here and now? And who else was present? I listened closely as he snipped one side of my undies then the other. I could feel as he folded back the crotch of my underwear exposing my freshly and smoothly shaved pussy and pubic area. Whew, good thing I’d decided to shave earlier!

So there I was completely exposed and I didn’t have a clue of who all was seeing this! Well damn. I wanted to open my eyes to look, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment, or the excitement I was now feeling.

Then Drew said, “Damn dad, mom’s pussy looks as fresh and nice as the girls my age. Her tits are even nicer!”

“They are nice Drew, that’s one of the reasons I married her,” Dan said as he chuckled out loud.

“What do you think Chase?” I heard Dan ask. Chase… so that’s one of his coworkers present. Dan’s spoken of Chase several times before. She was an architect at Dan’s place of employment.

Dan had said that Chase was over six feet tall and he guessed her weight to be around one seventy or so. He’s had a crush on her and said she was a big beautiful and sexy woman, you know the Amazon type. Dan’s always had a thing for larger women. I’d never met Chase before, but was looking forward to it someday, I just hadn’t planned on it today.

Chase then answered, “She’s beautiful Dan, very pretty and sexy. She has a nice pussy but I still prefer her breasts best. I love the dark coloring and the roundness and shape of her nipples.”

“Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really like her pussy!” Finally I knew the other co worker present, It was Rick, Dan’s boss. That surprised me, Rick and Dan weren’t very close but oh well, I guess it is what it is.

“I like the fact that at this age, she keeps a neat and sexy appearance. She takes pride in her appearance not knowing when or if she’ll be seen.” Rick continued. “I like that!”

For the next several minutes and as I was still completely exposed, they continued talking, whispering as if I couldn’t hear them. Then I heard as everyone said their goodbyes, the front door opened and closed. The footsteps quieted.

By now I’d decided to wait a few more minutes before getting up and going to bed. I’d give Dan time to get ready for bed before joining him. I was horny and excited. I really enjoyed the attention. Little did I know that I wasn’t alone, not by a longshot. Someone grabbed my panties and pulled quickly removed them.

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