Nagaveena’s Goa trip with Anjana, Jaya and Smita – Part 1

Smita was moaning with building pleasure as Jaya was digging deep into her cunt with her tongue. Smita felt her thighs and belly tremble as she hit her orgasm. Jaya meanwhile, whose eyes were closed, felt as if she was in seventh heaven as her her balls were getting ready to pump her jizz into Smita’s warm and loving mouth. Smita saw Jaya’s thigh tighten, and she wrapped her lips a tad tighter while slipping Jaya’s cock deeper down her throat. Seconds later Smita felt the warm salty cum being shot into her throat as Jaya emptied her balls. Smita slumped on to Jaya’s body, unable to take the pleasure while on all fours.

On the Pool chair, Anjana’s pussy was being licked. The pleasure was rising as she spread her legs while bending her knees. Nagaveena’s 8 inch boner was deep in her throat and Nagaveena’s weight was on top of Anjana was making her breathless. Anajana opened her mouth a little to breathe, and at that moment, Anjana’s pussy decided that it was time to cum. Nagaveena continued licking all the juices that Anjana’s pussy was offering. The Beers and the orgasm had their effect on anjana, who could not control her bladder, and made her pee right out on the pool chair catching Nagaveena on her eyes and face. Nagaveena moved slightly to suck up the last few quirts of Anjana’s pee, and continued licking Anjana’s pussy to fire up her second orgasm. Meanwhile, Anjana increased her love on Nagaveena’s rod and took in 5 to 6 squirts of Nagaveena’s cum.


Jaya and Smita had gotten up from the floor and put on their bra and panties. they pickedup Jaya’s Shorts and Tee, and Smita’s Kaftan and threw them inside the room. Seeing them. Anjana and Nagaveena did the same. The four of them were lounging about in the garden facing the ocean dreanched in the perspiration of their open air escapades. As the Sun set in the western skies, the glow of sexual satisfaction was very evident. Nagaveena wnated to chill in the resort pool, and asked if anyone else would join. Smita was ok to soak in the pool, while Jaya and Anjana just wanted a quick shower. So all four of them picked up their bath towels, and tied it round their waists and walked the 40 odd yards to the pool.

There were a couple of families at the shallow end of the pool, but Smita and Nagaveena went towards the deeper end of the pool, took off their towels, showered at the pool shower and used the ladder to climb down into the pool. Anjana and Smita were a little hesitant. Looking at the fun Nagaveena and Smita were having, Jaya and Anjana also entered the pool after a quick shower.

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