Nice Neighbours

She tried again:

“Don’t think about tomorrow! Just tell me if you want to take me with you or not!”


I was still unable to get a word out.

Christine waited a few seconds.

Then she lowered her gaze, and her head too.

“Okay. Good night then!”, she made to get out of the car.

“Wait!”, I held her back, “I’m just surprised! Of course I think you’re amazing! And I’d like you to come up with me too!”

She still didn’t seem convinced, “Do you really want to?”

“Most definitely!”, I replied.

Then we didn’t speak any more.

I opened the front door for her and she followed me as if it was our daily routine.

Then I showed her the way to the kitchen, which wasn’t necessary. Christine noted with amusement that our flats were exactly mirror images of each other and that her kitchen was probably right behind my wall. I poured us both another glass of white wine and we drank in silence.

We avoided eye contact and this time Christine also drank slowly and thoughtfully, sip by sip. When she yawned, I said it was time for bed.

“Yes,” was all she said, but made no move to leave.

So I climbed the stairs to the upper floor, Christine following without hesitation.

Secretly, I wondered where this was going.

But she did everything as if it had been a habit for a long time.

Then I packed out a fresh towel and a new toothbrush for her in the bathroom.

Christine let me into the bathroom first.

I got ready for bed and came out of the bathroom in my boxers, which I wore at night, and Christine disappeared into the bathroom.

I made an effort to be just as normal and lay down in my bed.

I had also taken over my aunt’s old marriage bed. You couldn’t get such a big behemoth nowadays. It had iron bars at the head and foot ends and squeaked quite neatly.

I was still wondering whether I should leave the light on or not. But it would probably annoy Christine when she came out of the bathroom, so I switched it off.

I heard the toilet flush, then the shower, which rushed for a long time. Then it was quiet in the bathroom.

The corridor was dark, my bedroom was dark and I waited anxiously to see what would come next.

Then the bathroom door opened, for a moment the corridor was lit, but then Christine turned out the light and everything was in darkness.

I heard her groping her way through the corridor, then probably already trotting into the bedroom. Eventually, she found the underside of the bed and traded her way along it.

I felt her settle down and the mattress move.

Then she lay still.

“So good n…!”

‘Night’ I was about to say, but a violent movement from the other side interrupted me.

Christine rolled on me, pushed my duvet aside and was on top of me in an instant.

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