Nice Neighbours

She was stark naked!

Her hands had felt my face and now she was kissing me with warm, soft lips that I couldn’t breathe, let alone speak!


Christine kissed well, very, very well!

Everything about her was warm and soft. How could I resist!

I also decided subconsciously that today was today and tomorrow was tomorrow.

We forgot everything around us.

In complete darkness, I explored her hot body with gentle hands.

Christine did the same to me.

When she got to my boxer shorts, she was on them very quickly and pulled them off my body.

She already had my friend in her hand and massaged him with strong movements, without stopping to kiss me covetously.

“Oh, so big!” she interrupted briefly before sticking her wild tongue back into my mouth.

This woman was ravenous — it popped into my head.

That’s why she wanted to come with me so badly.

And that was why she was making me so hot now.

So it should be fine with me.

I wanted her just as much.

We really fell for each other.

She now pushed herself all over me and sat directly on my stiff upward penis and slid back and forth on it. Bending over in front, she offered me her big breasts.

I took hold of them and massaged them well. My mouth sought her bare boobs.

Christine sighed and moaned as I sucked on her nipples.

But after a while, that wasn’t enough for her.

She reached down, grabbed my penis and guided it to where it was supposed to go in.

I felt my member being welcomed by warm wetness as she ran my thing up and down her cleft.

Then she put the tip at her entrance and slowly and painstakingly she let herself be impaled by my peg.

It was so horny!

Then, after struggling for a while, inch by inch, trying to push it inside her, Christine began to move carefully up and down.

The moan she made as she did so came from deep in her heart.

It smacked as she slid up my hard pole and sank it back into her womb.

Then she increased the tempo, bobbing her wide bum on my hard pipe.

She rode me like the devil!

I had to hold on to the headboard of my bed.

I was afraid she would tear out my penis, she was riding me so fucking hot.

The bed groaned under her violent thrusts, she moaned loudly, we did it unrestrained like animals.

Christine knew no holding back, the iron frame bumped against the wall so quickly that I pulled my fingers in before they were pinched.

The bed bumped against the wall with every push.

The bed springs squeaked in time.

And Christine moaned loudly and uncontrollably.

Wham… wham… wham…!


Oh God… ohh yeeaa…. oh my God…!

It was a symphony of lust.

Then it came to her with tremendous power.

I could tell that she forgot everything around her in her orgasm.

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