Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

“Julie doesn’t know?” he looked surprised.

“Nope. I thought it would make a great surprise for a ten- or fifteen-year wedding anniversary. People with money do stupid things. I wanted to honor my parents by adhering to my family’s strong work ethic. I like working every day. Hell, I love working at J&B Construction. Then again, I loved my wife. Love, loved? The verdict is still out on that though I doubt there’s anything that excused her behavior this past month or anything she could say to justify what she did to me.”


“What now?”

“Well, “Tech Boy” and “Deputy Dawg” gave me some insight. Yet, I’m unsure how I’d exact my revenge, how deep I need to go or how far I need to carry it. Rest assured my friend, there will be a reckoning. Any ideas? I googled revenge and found a book on Amazon for $9.99 on 555 ways to get revenge. I may have to order that. Patience is a virtue and right now patience is my friend.”


I arrived home from school on most days an hour or so before Tommy. Unless they had a rain-out. I wondered if he would want to go out to eat or if I should fix him one of his favorite dinners. I went to the bedroom to change out of my work clothes. I put on a pair of jeans, a pullover collared shirt and comfortable sandals. My feet were always happy for a change of shoes after a day of teaching.

I noticed Tommy’s cell phone on the table when I got back to the kitchen. It was on top of the DVD he got from Ken last night. I wondered what he was thinking about that made him forget his phone. Tommy was normally home by 6:00 p.m. and I couldn’t call to check on him as his phone was still sitting there staring at me. It was nearly 6:30 p.m. when my phone rang. I jumped up to get it hoping it was Tommy using a friend’s phone to tell me why he was running late. I was disappointed when caller identification showed it was Susan Logan.

Susan asked, me if she could talk and I told her that she could, as Tommy had not yet arrived home and his cell phone was here. “Does Tommy usually run late very often?”

“Occasionally, but not often. It’s not like him to forget his phone. I thought, by now he’d have borrowed someone’s phone and called me, he always calls when he knew he’d be late.”

Susan asked, “Julie, where was Tommy’s phone?”

“On the kitchen table sitting on top of the DVD from last night.”

“Julie, have you made any plans for this weekend?”

“No. Tommy planned to mow and work around the house.”

Susan told me she would call her later and then hung up. Susan told Ken that there may be an issue with Tommy.

“What’s up with little dick?” he asked smugly.

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