Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

Ken replied, “Tommy may have behaved himself in the past, but no one knows what he is capable of or how angry he truly is. We’ll be in the back bedroom just in case we’re needed.”

I told Jason, “That’s what I expected.”


I opened a folder and selected from one of several notes I had typed and printed prior to tonight’s meeting. I called the local Domino’s delivery guy and ordered a large Supreme with instructions to stop at the Ford Escape in front of this address for a tip. It was paid for with Jason’s debit card and I told him I would pay him back. Twenty minutes later, the delivery guy cautiously approached us, and I handed him a twenty-dollar bill and an envelope with the word “Julie” on it. I gave him my address and asked him to give the letter and pizza to the lady that answers the door.

The Dominos’ guy made the delivery and I watched Julie opened and read the letter on my video feed.

My Dearest Julie,

What the FUCK? What part of talk with you alone don’t you get? I got a large supreme so you could share it with Ken, Susan, and Mark. I may send you another email and then again, I may not. I may or may not be in touch sometime in the future.


Julie started crying and the three amigos came out from the back bedroom. Julie handed Susan the note and as they all read it, Julie heard Mark say, “Fuck!”

Ken chuckled and Susan hit him hard in the arm and told both he and Mark, “GO!” She said, “I’m staying with Julie.”

Ken asked, “Can I at least take the pizza?”

Susan shot darts at him and indicated with her eyes that he should not ask for a piece of anything tonight. Ken and Mark like scolded puppies, left with their tails between their legs and without the pizza. I’d seen enough so we drove off.

“How did you know they’d be there?” Jason asked as he wondered how Tommy knew in advance.

“I knew that Julie needed to share the first email with someone. She couldn’t deal with it on her own and the most likely candidate was her boss, Susan. I knew that Susan would no doubt tell Ken. Ken is smart enough to not confront me in my own home. So, he would have at least one, if not more than one of the men in the group with him. Mark Collins was the obvious choice because of his size, position, and dealing with people.” Jason nodded as he followed my reasoning.

“If I got violent, he could arrest me. That would’ve allowed them unfettered access to Julie’s pussy. Even if I got out on bond, they’d arrange for a restraining order. Michael or Austin could’ve been there too but they weren’t really needed in Ken’s estimation. I made several different notes all with the same basic information, for different characters and scenarios depending on who all showed up.” I realized as we drove back to Jason’s place that I needed to get this other transmitter hidden at the Miller’s house before the next poker game.

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