Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

I had been to the Miller house on more than one occasion. I liked the fact that they had a nice privacy fence that enclosed their backyard. I sat down the block in Jason’s Escape and kept watch on the Miller house. I saw Brenda as she left for work and less than fifteen minutes later, Austin drove off in his car. Since the poker game was tomorrow night, I needed to get the transmitter placed today. I had just a small window of opportunity.

Austin worked out of his house and I wasn’t sure how long he’d be gone So I grabbed the backpack that held the transmitter and walked to the Miller residence. I quickly made my way to the gate leading to the backyard that was near the garage and opened it. I walked to the back deck and climbed the two steps onto the landing. I opened the sliding screen and glass doors I knew Austin left unlocked unless they went out of town. I entered the house and quickly got to work. In less than five minutes, I had the transmitter in place beneath the table in Austin’s “man cave” and just that quick I was out the door and on my way to Jason’s.


After I arrived at Jason’s, I began another internet search. This time I looked for video editing software. I found several with multiple features and options. I specifically looked for software that blurred faces and added titles and allowed text to be superimposed. I chose Filmora and began the download. After going over the tutorial, I spent a couple of hours on a copy of one of the DVDs from last Thursday that I had burned and I made the changes and additions I wanted.

I heard the door as Jason got home. He came into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I had dinner almost made. Jason said, “The biggest advantage of you being here is not having to cook. Plus, I still get to sleep with any warm bodied woman that’s so inclined.”

I chuckled. Damn it felt good to laugh. “Don’t to get used to it “big boy lady’s man”. I think I’ve spoiled you for bachelorhood. However, I’ll still be around for a week or so unless you throw me out.”

Jason replied, “Naw, at least you cook even if dinner isn’t on the table when I get home. So be a “good little wifey and feed me, I’m a hungry man.” I threw a wet dishcloth at him and told him to wash up because dinner was in five minutes. I realized I missed the banter and “breaking balls” with the guys on the job. After dinner, I grabbed a couple of beers and showed Jason my handiwork and thanks to Filmora, the changes I made to the DVD. We both enjoyed the results and I couldn’t wait to premiere it.

No one expected me to show up at the weekly poker game. Ken, Mark, Austin, and Michael were seated at the table in the man cave and Ken was dealing. As he shuffled the cards, he looked at the group and stated the obvious, “I believe “Little Dick’s” a no show tonight, so let’s play.

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