Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

Mark asked, “Ken, have you told Austin and Michael about what transpired Tuesday at Julies?

“I told Michael. Now we need to tell Austin though it isn’t a really big deal.”


“Tell me what?” Austin asked a bit dejected as he felt he’d been left out of the loop.

“Ole “Little dick” wanted to talk with Julie alone Tuesday. Somehow, he discovered that

Mark, myself and Susan were present, hidden in the backroom in case he got violent.”

Austin asked, “What did he have to say?”

“Nothing.” Ken replied as he dealt the cards round the table. “While we waited for him, a pizza guy showed up with a letter. He had sent Julie a nasty letter about us being there.”

“How did he know you were there?”

“Not sure. I’ll bet he sat hidden somewhere and watched the house to make sure Julie was alone before he entered.”

Mark chimed in, “Ken, the note was printed from a computer and mentioned everyone present by name. We may not have given Tommy enough credit. We really don’t know much about him.”

Ken started to speak, “Look “ole Little Dick…’

Mark interrupted, “Ken, stop calling him that!” as he wondered why Ken felt he needed to humiliate Tommy any further.

Ken allowed a pregnant pause before he answered, “Little Richard is a construction worker. He works with his hands, not his head. For Christ’s sake, he swings a hammer and is a glorified handyman. Okay? He isn’t worthy enough to lick my boots. So, what do we know about him?

Michael jumped in, “He’s married to a very beautiful woman who’s a terrific fuck.”

“I think he served in the Army.” Austin added.

Mark asked, “Anyone known about his family or relatives?”

The room remained silent as none of them had a clue about any relatives other than Julie.

Ken broke the silence, “Looks like we need to do some homework. Austin, use your computer wizardry to see what you can find. Mark, try to find out where he is staying. If he’s not in a motel, I bet he is staying with one of his co-workers. Can you run license plate numbers to get addresses to check?”

“Not legally. I guess I could stop by and talk to Julie about reporting him as a missing person.”

Ken told them, “I’ll talk to Julie and see what I can find out about his family.”

The door opened and closed loudly as Brenda shouted, “I’m home.” to let Austin to let that she was home. He asked her “Babe, why are you home so early?”

Brenda told the guys that, “Julie was very depressed and wanted to be alone. We all felt that maybe we should just call it a night and go home, so we did.” Mark said that was a good idea and got up to go home to Mary. The rest of the group followed Mark’s lead and stood to leave. and Ken reminded the group that they were meeting at his house one week from tomorrow for dinner and fun, so no Poker game next Thursday. We were parked one block away in the Escape and listened to the entire conversation as well as recorded it for posterity. “Jason,” I said as he drove toward home, “by next Friday I’ll have my revenge.”

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