Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

Susan nervously answered, “I can do that Tommy. Can you leave now and meet me at Angelo’s Bar & Grill?”

“I can do that.” Tommy answered.


“I will see you in thirty minutes.”

There weren’t many customers at one thirty on a Friday afternoon at Angelo’s. Business picked up around 5pm and got better as the night progressed. Tommy was seated at a booth in a back corner and had the transmitter secured under the table. The recording piece was in Jason’s Escape in the parking lot. Susan walked in and was by herself. She nodded at me as walked to the booth and took a seat across from me. She reached across the table with her palms up and I ignored the gesture.

“I want to talk to you and ask you some questions.” I began. “I would like you to not interrupt but to think about what your answers are and to insure they are truthful. Can you do that?”

“I can Tommy. I feel partly responsible for this situation and would do anything to make it better.”

So, I asked her, “How long have you and Ken been swapping spouses?”

“I guess about two years now.”

“How did it start?”

“It began with Michael and Debbie. Michael and Ken are partners, and we would often go out together drinking and dancing. It just happened one night we were sitting with the other’s spouse after a night of dancing and drinking and we ended up having sex. Then it began to happen more and more.” Susan paused and surprisingly blushed as if for the first time she was embarrassed by their behavior.

She continued, “I had shared somethings with Brenda at work about how much better my sex life was. I meant that with Ken it was better. With Michael it was different, not better per se, but different. Brenda always asked questions after that, and I talked to Ken. He hired Austin to do some much needed computer networking upgrades at their office. We asked them out and after a few weeks they were invited along with Michael and Debbie and watched us have sex.”

“The next weekend we went out again dancing and drinking and they were also there. On that occasion, I had sex with Austin, Debbie was with Michael and Ken had sex with Brenda. We got introduced to Mark and Mary Collins one night while dancing and drinking and found that they lived close by.” I was surprised that Susan was so candid in describing their activities. She went on, saying,

“That is when the monthly barbecues began and the weekly poker party. Then, you moved in and Ken found out that Julie worked with Brenda and me. He said that we should get you involved in the group. He asked me to talk to Julie and I did. After we invited you both to a couple of barbecues, I began talking to Julie about her sex life. With the help of Brenda, we told her how greatly our sex lives had improved after we started sharing our spouses.”

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