Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

I asked, “How did you seduce my wife into your ‘club’?”

“I told her things that Ken liked to hear while we were making love. Things like, ‘Oh Honey your dick is so much bigger than Austin’s. Or your dick is so much bigger than Mark’s.’ I told her he likes to hear about how much better a lover he is than the others and he always wanted me to call them by name. Brenda said to Julie that she did the same with whichever guy she was with. She told them how much better they were in bed than her husband and how their dicks were so much bigger than her husband’s.”


I told her, “Thanks Susan that has helped some but why did everyone fuck my wife and then try and humiliate me with the video and calling me ‘little dick’?” I watched her facial expressions and she showed genuine remorse for what her asshole of a husband said.

“Again, Tommy, I’m extremely sorry about that. Ken asked me to talk to Julie about your sex life and she had said how you were so gentle and caring. No one had ever seen you angry or raise your voice and Ken thought you had a submissive personality.” I felt my anger rise and did my level best to control it before I continued my questions.

“So, your plan was to cuckold me and everyone gets to play with my wife while I watch?”

“Oh no Tommy, Ken thought that the DVD would get you excited and everyone wanted you to be part of the group even if you had a tiny penis.” I still wondered why they believed I was smaller below the belt than the rest of them sight unseen.

“About that Susan, has any of you ever seen my tiny penis?”

“Well, no, just what Julie has told us.” Now I felt incredibly hurt and thoroughly betrayed.

“So, you told my wife that your husband likes to be complimented on the size of his junk and told that it is so much bigger than her husband’s. That is what you base my endowment on? I don’t need an answer, Susan.”

“I noticed your nipples are pierced. Did Ken ask you to have that done?”

“Yes, he did.”

“I also noticed that your pussy is void of hair. Did Ken ask you to do that?”

“Yes, he did.”

“Did Ken ask you to wear nylons and a garter belt when you fucked?” She looked perplexed as she asked me,

“Tommy why are you asking me about that, I don’t understand.”

“Susan, I’ve monitored emails between Ken and Julie. He had asked her to shave her pussy bare and to wear black nylons and a garter belt before you both fucked her on that video. He’s also tried to convince her to have her nipples pierced this week. I think he is trying to turn my wife into a younger version of you.”

Susan was definitely pissed as she shouted, “That asshat! How do you know this?”

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