Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

“I told you, I am monitoring their email’s.”

I asked, “Anything you want to share with me?”


After reflecting on that question for a few seconds, Susan told me that, “Austin was trying to find out your personal history and he had asked Julie about any files you might have at home.”

I was finished with my questions and I added, “Thanks Susan, I’m not sure as to what path I’m taking with this, but I would appreciate you keeping this conversation between the two of us.”

“I can do that.”

“I’d also suggest that you keep an eye on Ken. It looks like he is trying to monopolize Julie in this love fest. Thanks again for meeting with me.”

She said, “No problem, I need to get back to school. Do you need a ride, I didn’t see your truck?”

I told her, “No thanks, I am using the cab service to shuttle me around.”

After Susan left, I drove to my house and parked a block over. I entered through the back and went straight to the spare bedroom where I grabbed all my important files. I used Julie’s computer to open a word file and typed what I thought was a brilliant paper to totally screw with Austin and the group. I put it in a manila clasp envelope with several blank pieces of paper and sealed it. On the outside, I used a sharpie and wrote Thomas Edwards at the top. Below that, I wrote “important papers including family contacts, High School Diploma, College Diploma, Birth Certificate, previous job resumes and DD214 paperwork” I then sealed the envelope.


After school on Friday, Brenda followed me home. I asked her if she wanted any coffee and she told me that she was fine. She asked if I needed help looking through the files. I told her that I rarely went in the file drawer, but it was in the spare bedroom.

I opened the door and saw a fat manila envelope with Tommy’s name on it the contents were listed on the outside. I gave it to Brenda and after we talked for a few minutes, she left and took the envelope with her. I sat down and wondered if I would ever hear from Tommy again and I asked myself if I had been the cause of this. I also asked myself if I really believed Ken when he said that Tommy would be happy if I got her nipples pierced. He certainly wasn’t happy about the DVD.


When I arrived home from Julie’s, I immediately called out to Austin. I found him at his desk with earphones on as he worked on the computer. I tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned and smiled at me. I held the manila envelope in my hand and started to give it to him.

Before I could hand it to him, he stood and grabbed me and hugged me hard as he kissed me full on the mouth. “Thanks Baby!” He said as he looked at the envelope and saw the wealth of information listed on it.

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