Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

“Why did you shave your pussy?”

“Ken told me that all guys liked a smooth vulva and that you would really like it and would give me more oral sex.” I tried not to get angry at her but it took all my willpower to control it. After a breath I continued,


“What about the nylons and garter belt?”

“Ken told me that you’d get turned on by that and you’d enjoy our sex together even more.”

“Whose sex are you talking about Julie? You and Ken?”

“Oh no baby, you and me. I did this all for us.”

“Are you planning to get your nipples pierced this week?”

“I am. Ken said that he would pay for it and that you would really like them pierced and that they would make me more sexually attractive.” I was pissed at her stupidity and at that manipulative bastard Ken as he tried to subjugate and control my wife for his own perversions.

“Julie, have I ever asked you to shave your pussy?”


“Have I ever asked you to wear nylons or a garter belt to bed?”

“No.” Perhaps she had an inking of the point I tried to make.

“Have I ever asked you to get your nipples pierced?”


“Julie, I loved you for you, just as you are. Have I failed to satisfy you orally?”


“Have I failed to properly satisfy you when we make love?”


I never needed anything more Julie. I had the best thing in the world with you as my wife. Why did you tell everyone I had a small penis?”

“I never said that Tommy! Susan said that Ken liked to hear that his dick was bigger than the spouse’s dick so that’s what I told him as well as Mark and the others. I told all of them that their dicks or cocks were bigger than yours, but it was just because Susan said that’s what women are supposed to tell the men they are with.”

Here’s it is Julie, the most important question. “Who do you want to be with?”

“You Tommy. I love you. I did this for you, to make you love me more and to make our sex together better.”

“Okay Julie. Don’t tell the others that we have talked, and I will call you tomorrow. Do you have plans?”

“I just want you home Tommy. Home to hold me and love me and make love to me.”

“Goodbye Julie.”

“I love you, Tommy!”

I disconnected the call and left her to ponder some of the things I asked and told her. I thought, well, that was an interesting conversation. She did this for me. She wanted to be with me. She loved me and wanted me home. I shouted out loud, “She must be batshit crazy to believe that!” I thought, if we get past this, and that’s a big if, someone needed to speak with a psychiatrist.

Back at Jason’s we grilled steaks and drank beer as I shared what I planned, going forward. I told him about the letter I had put in the file for Austin, and I shared some of my conversation with Susan. Justin laughed about the WITSEC part and where I asked if Mark new Raylin Givens. He also laughed about the different occupation specialties that I listed in the letter to Austin. “You should have told him you were with Seal Team Six.” He chuckled. His brain must be pickled in beer.

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