Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging


When he decided she was wet enough he told her to lay back on the bed. He climbed between her legs and began fucking her and just as he entered her pussy, Susan climbed onto the bed and kissed Julie hard on the lips. After breaking off the kiss, she whispered something to Julie and then straddled her face lowering her pussy toward my wife’s mouth reverse cowgirl. Ken fucked Julie and was kissing his wife Susan while my moaning wife was eating her out.


The video faded to black and almost instantly faded in with a naked Julie on a different bed. This time it progressed to Michael fucking Julie, the lone exception being he never asked her whose pussy this is. The scene cut in and out and Michael was fucking Julie. His wife Debbie was sitting on Julies face while she was being licked and sucked.

After about thirty seconds of Michael fucking Julie while his wife sat on her face, the video faded to black once again and at the fade in a naked Julie came into view this time on a different bed. This time it was Mark who laid in bed with my wife and fingered her pussy while kissing her. Then he quickly moved between her legs and was soon fucking her while Mary sat on Julie’s face.

Whoever edited the video became better as they went along, so the fade out/fade in was both faster and crisper. As the scene faded to black the final scene faded in and showed Austin fucking my wife while Brenda sat on her face. It lasted a very short time and the words “Welcome to our Club” was on the screen. It was, except for Julie, the same scene with different actors and it appeared staged for my benefit. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour. This explains why we had been missing a different player each night for the past month and probably why there was some tension in the air. I continued to hold my composure although I was pissed beyond belief; I felt I needed to show I was in control.

Ken turned up the lights and for the first time I saw that all the wives, Julie included, were standing behind the top row of chairs. There were some smiles and Julie’s head was down a bit not making eye contact with me. Ken spoke to me and said, “That was the highlight part, edited for you tonight. The full scenes are on the DVD listed as chapters 1-4. Tommy your wife is one hot Fuck! Welcome to our club, even though you have the tiniest dick here, the women will do their best to put a smile on your face.” I just stared at him.

No words were spoken, and I made eye contact with each of the men there and then with the women. I found it strange that both Deputy Miller and Austin could not hold eye contact with me. Michael did. At that moment I felt like both he and Ken held me in contempt and believed me beneath their station and lacked their level of intelligence. I was just a simple and lowly blue-collar worker not fit to shine their shoes. They believed that that had a right to take my wife and use her anyway they saw fit. It was written all over their sanctimonious faces. The women held eye contact and it felt like they tried to figure out why I was so quiet and not more excited at the prospects. The lone exception was Julie, her head was still tilted toward the floor perhaps even further than it had been.

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