Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

I calmly walked toward Ken and removed a ball gag from my pocket. I forced the gag into Ken’s mouth as Ken jerked his head side to side as he tried to resist. Everyone looked at me and no one said anything. I buckled the gag behind Ken’s head, then I calmly returned to my seat. I told the group that I had some things to say and that if anyone wanted to ask questions, I’d answer them after I finished talking. I picked up the first envelope and it had the name Collins on it.

“Mark, this envelope contains photos of you at my workplace where you conducted an illegal investigation into a non-existent missing person case. You used the radio to run license information through Mary who used State-owned computers and made fraudulent inquiries and misused the law enforcement data base to gain knowledge for the personal benefit. Information requested by Ken which, with the help of your wife, you obliged him.” I took a moment to catch my breath, sipped some water and continued.


“Contained within the envelope is a copy of a letter addressed to the State Highway Patrol Criminal Investigation Unit along with the photographic evidence from that day. It is my understanding that the Highway Patrol investigates any suspicious or alleged criminal activity by any peace officer or public employee in the state. This DVD is evidence of you and your wife having sex with an unknown person. I believe your agency has some rules over moral turpitude. The good news, for you here, is that the letter has not been sent, yet.”

I picked up another envelope with the name Collins on it.

“Austin, I hope your video production company has secured all the necessary waivers and required documentation as specified under Title 18 USC 2257. This DVD has the name of Miller and Associates Productions embedded in the title as well as your business address and it showed that same as where the holder of records for Miller and Associates Production Company is located.” I watched Austin turn a sickly shade of gray and Brenda looked as if she’d faint.

I went on, “It’s been uploaded to a cloud account from your I.P. address and is set to be uploaded to a domain that your company has registered, The URL will automatically be forwarded to everyone with a Chamber of Commerce email account. Probably won’t be much help to your career either Brenda. You could always get the releases post signed but that might not help the Collins if they are asked to take a polygraph test.”

I picked up the last two envelopes with the partner’s names on them. I continued, “That video listed all of you by name in the sub chapter titles and credits. Just like Austin’s the attachments are to be sent to your entire client list as well as the Chamber of Commerce contact list. Susan, your shot at school Superintendent is on the line. Is this extortion? Possibly. Is this revenge? Perhaps, at least it could be if I decided to execute what I’ve outlined in these envelopes. Or maybe, it’s just leverage. Until you and your so-called group decided to fuck with me, I had a great life with a devoted and loving wife and fantastic sex life. Your seduction of Julie besmirched her character and soiled our marriage. You helped her make a mockery of our wedding vows.” I watched as they all looked at the ground, heads bowed except for that asshole Ken who had managed a smug smirk on his face.

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