Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

“This is some special lubricant for the cylinder Ken.” I removed the top from the glue and leaned down to the chair and squirted it into the opening. Susan will have to get some oral satisfaction or maybe she can get with the others for sexual release. Your dick locked up and locked out for the foreseeable future. Since you tried to own my balls and my wife, it’s only fitting that I now own yours! One last thing, you can have the packets. I have secured copies with instructions to two of my military friends that if anything should happen to me or Julie, the envelopes are to be opened and my instructions carried out to the letter.”

To conclude the evening’s festivities and to take care of some long overdue business, I dropped my pants and boxers and allowed everyone to get a good look at my cock which was slightly bigger than Ken’s. I just wanted to set the record straight, I don’t have the littlest dick here.” I took Julie by the hand and left them all shocked and awed.



Julie and I went to counseling. We sold the old house and I bought a house near Jason’s place. Julie got another teaching job in another town a few miles away and I went back to work where I swung a hammer but didn’t swing with neighbors. I made sure that Julie knew to discuss any crazy notions with her co-workers with me before she took any actions. In this instance, the teacher became the pupil and I made sure she learned her lesson. I still had the money I stashed away and I still haven’t told Julie it exists.

I made a final call to Susan and thanked her for all her help as I exacted my revenge. She informed me that the group still had poker nights and barbecues and still played with each other. The wives were all in agreement that they wished they could have sampled my “big” cock. She said that Ken was still an arrogant prick but his dick wasn’t of much use as still hadn’t been able, (thank you super glue), to get the key into the lock. She added that he was too embarrassed to seek outside help and none of the group knew how to get him freed. Mark suggested that it be cut away but thought of anything trying to cut or remove that steel cock cage drove Ken to his knees with just the thought of it. I smiled at the prospect of Ken’s prick doing life behind bars. Revenge? No, justice.

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