Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

I turned my phone off, placed it on top of the DVD, and left both on the kitchen counter. I grabbed my go bag and left. (My go bag had a pair of tennis shoes, three pair of socks, three pair of underwear, three t-shirts, a pair of denim jeans, a pair of tan pants with cargo pockets, a hoodie sweatshirt, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, survival knife, Glock 22 with six loaded magazines, protein bars, and $1000.00 in cash. No, I’m not some special ops but as a former soldier I was trained to be prepared. Also, as a construction worker I occasionally got called to take materials to a distant job site that required an overnight, hence the go bag.

I tossed the laptop and my go bag into my blue 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 and left my house and wondered if or when I might return. It was almost 5:00 a.m. The first stop was breakfast and a review of today’s plans. I stopped at the Denny’s and ordered breakfast. I needed a massive infusion of caffeine. Immediate plans called for my first stop to be at the site and talk with the boss as I needed time to think and make decisions about my life going forward. I then needed to secure a place to stay until I decided what the future held for me and I believed Jason would let me stay with him in the short run.


As I devoured my Grand Slam and mainlined coffee, I realized I had several options in front of me. Option one — I could return home, as if nothing happened and continue to have great sex with my bride and apparently with at least four other women. Option two — Death! Not mine, but candidates seemed to be lined up to involuntarily volunteer. Okay that option, may soothe the deep anger I felt, was not very viable unless I wanted a lengthy prison sentence. Option three — Divorce. Likely, I had questions and needed more information before I went total scorched earth on my marriage. Option four — Reconciliation. Possibly, but not likely. Circumstances needed to be extremely extenuating for that to be a consideration. Option five — Revenge. Moreover, it was not just her cheating, or her giving me sloppy seconds from those pricks, but mainly for the humiliation as Ken declared in front of the entire group this bullshit about the “tiniest dick in the room” and Julie’s abject failure to defend me.

Jason Thompkins was more than a co-worker. He was single and lived west of our city on about eighty acres of mostly timberland. He had a three-bedroom two-bath ranch house that had two large outbuildings. We had served together, and he was the one that convinced me to come back to his area after we got our discharge papers. He also got me my job at J&B Construction where I had been working even before I got married.

I was at the job site at 6:00 a.m. and was talking to the boss, Jeff Hodges along with Jason. I explained a good part of the story and said that I had left and needed to quit but not quit. I explained that I needed some time off and did not want the drama to show up here so if Julie called, someone could tell her I had quit and would let him or her know where to send my last check.

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