Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

“Fuck NO! We were at the Miller’s barbeque when Austin and his wife along with Susan Logan started talking to us about the swinging lifestyle and asked our thoughts. We were curious but not completely convinced until we talked with Debbie and Susan. The idea for the video was Ken’s.”



“Look Tommy, I don’t know what to say to you. Are you okay? You were so calm during the video. It was like you were okay with what was going on.”

“Well Mark, wasn’t I supposed to accept it? Then again, why would I be, after all I’ve the smallest dick in the group, don’t I?”

“That was uncalled for on Ken’s part. I don’t know why he said that.”

“Hell Mark, isn’t it obvious? It’s because I am a lowly blue collar construction guy with a little dick and can’t measure up to a suit wearing cock-master like Ken. We’ll chat later. Gotta go.” Click.

Looking at Jason, I chuckled. Jason told me he was confused because he only heard my side of the conversation. I told him I would put the next one on speakerphone. My next call was to Austin and once again, I spoofed my old cell number and activated the recording app when I called him.

I heard the voice on the line say, “Miller Consultants, this is Austin Miller. How may I help you?”

“Hey Austin, Tommy Edwards here.”

“What can I do for you Mr. Edwards?”

“C’mon, Austin, after last night, you’re being somewhat formal.”

“Tommy, I’m just not sure what to say after last night. You were really quiet while we watched the DVD.”

“That is why I’m calling Austin. Did you do the editing on the DVD?”

“I did.”

“Did anyone guide you on how to edit it?”

“Ken told me what he wanted on it, how it should start, and the transition from scene to scene. He told me to just do a preview of each of us at the intro and leave each full sessions in different chapters on the final product.”

“Was that the final product?”

Yes, it was.

How many copies did you make Austin?

“I made five copies, one for each couple. Listen Tommy, I got my start with Ken and Michael and through them, their company and references I have made a lot of money. I owe them my business.”

“I get that Austin. One more question.”

“Sure Tommy”.

“How did you and Brenda get involved in this spouse swapping?”

“You know that Brenda works with Susan. Susan had many conversations with Brenda about how the Johnson’s and Logan’s swapped wives and even had sex all together in the same bed. Brenda would tell me what she and Susan talked about. One night we were at Ken’s and Susan’s for dinner. Michael and Debbie were there as well. The conversation got around to sex and spouse swapping and before long we were all naked in their family room having sex.”

“How about the Collins’?”

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