Sleeping Daughter Upskirt

Returning from a long day at work, Chris entered his home. He wanted a beer to relax on the couch for a while. The house was unusually quiet, Chris was expecting his young ebony Princess to be home, but she must’ve gone to friends to study after classes. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he

The Birthday : Full of surprises

Hey everyone I am Rahul the same well built 23 years old guy back with another story which is also true story and the continued part of My life from nothing to everything . I recieved good response for my last story and few of them asked me about curing premature ejaculation which is 21

Akka Nenu and Naa Muddula Baava Part-5

Hii everyone here is the 5th part of this story..chadivi enjoy cheyyandi.. alaa aa roju Akka bava valla daggara nundi intiki vachesina taruvata vallanu full miss iyyanu..but valla daggara vunnappudu jarigina anni scenes gurtuchesukoni full kottukunevaadini..okaroju night 10 ki alaa bava hii raa naani how r u ani message chesaadu..haa fine bava nuvvu elaa vunnavu

Akka Nenu and Naa Muddula Baava Part-4

Helloo friends third part baaga enjoy chesuntaaru anukuntunna. ikaa ee part kuda chadivi full enjoy cheyyandi and chadivina taruvata mi valuable feedback ni ivvandi. Alaaa aa roju nenu akka bava valla bedroom lo bed mida padukoni pai kindaki vooguthu akka bra nu pisukuthu ee lokaanni marchipoyi swargam lo telipotunte sudden gaa vinappada bava pilupiki vulikkipadi

Akka Nenu and Naa Muddula Baava Part-3

Naaku telisi mirandaru second part full gaa enjoy chesi vuntaranukuntunna..inka ee part kuda chadivi mi maddala puku la raasalu karchukondi full gaaa.. alaa aa roju akka bava la kitchen scenes chusaaka chaala saarlu aa scenes imagine chesukoni full gaa kottukunna.. two days taruvata third day morning akka valla intiki vella. andaru dining table mida kurchoni

Akka Nenu and Naa Muddula Baava Part-2

Hii friensd i hope you enjoyed first part of this story. Now iam going to continue this story in second part chadivi enjoy cheyyandi.. and first part chadavani vallu chadivi second part chadavandi.Friends i bet ee part chadivite miku full maddalu please koncham kuda miss avvakunda ee part chadavandi.chaala horny gaa vuntundi. Maa Supraja

Akka Nenu and Naa Muddula Baava Part-1

Hii dear friends.. Nenu naa life lo jarigina and present jarugutunna incidents nu story gaa raastunnanu.chadivi enjoy cheyyandi.Naaku Incest and Cuckold couples ante chaala istam.and ippudu nenu raastunna katha Incest and Cuckold fans ki chaala baaga nachutundi.chadivi mi maddalu full kottukoni baaga enjoy cheyyandi. Ika kathaloki vaste.. naa name ramesh reddy, maadhi Anantapur distrcit, AP.

Lots of learning about sex

I’m pretty sure that it is okay to post my first experience here on s4s now since I’m 19. As a young girl I was always looking for ways to please my mom and dad, they have always been the greatest people in the world. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a

Lockdown with My Elder Sister

My name is Nikhil and I’m 21 years old. I recently moved to Delhi to pursue career as an Investment Banker. As I’ve been doing good with the Company, I further requested the management to recruit my elder sister under the Company as well, as she has interest in fund management. My sister is 25

My brothers fucked me

It was a Sunday morning. Our parents were not at home. I was in the drawing room watching TV. Suddenly one of my brothers, Josh came and sat beside me. He asked what I was watching. He snatched the remote away from my hands. I rolled my eyes at him,he laughed. Then my another brother,