Bengalee Film Queen 30

Episode : 30 ************ “Just clean yourself up and take a seat.” Kader wandered over to the sofa wearing only his shirt. Saying that he threw Rachana’s clothes and handbag at her before beginning to dress himself. She walked over to the sink he had just vacated and looked at herself in the mirror. She

Bengalee Film Queen 29

Episode : 29 ************ That auspicious day of Annual Bengali Film-festival 2020 however came soon and the Paradise hotel was decorated with bright neon bulbs and artificial flowers all over it’s area…… showing itself in a highly festive mood. The place was packed mainly with the Bengalee filmy starlets and few celebrities of other professions.

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Bengalee Film Queen 28

Episode : 28 ************ Koel was rushing to the office of Kader, situated at Room No. 303 & 304 of Paradise Hotel. She couldn’t believe the stupid assistant of Kader who had brought her the wrong script from him for her next shooting session with Sreelekha aunty. She was going to act with Sreelekha in her

Bengalee Film Queen 27

Episode : 27 ************ Although her performance made Kader satisfied, Nilay decided to take some trial and finalise the dancing scene and some interaction with Pranab who was playing the role of Sreelekha’s son in “‘Boudimoni” on next day with the help of the cameraman Jakir. However Kader wouldn’t be able to present during her

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Naa Mudhula Maradalu Divya Puku Pagaldenga

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