A great party

My wife Pam is a beautiful 35 year old. We were at a party for her cousin about 35 miles from home. Her cousin is married to an African American and the party was a mixed crowd. While there my wife had danced with two black brothers that lived two door away. She was talking

My wife couldn’t accept it

It was the same nightmare every night. My precious twelve-year-old daughter, Caroline, was walking toward me. Her hair was blowing back off her beautiful face which had tears running down it. She was surrounded by fire behind her, but she was not burning up. She kept asking me, “Where were you, Daddy? Where were you?”

Married asian woman has an incredible time in the hot tub

Disclaimer: This story, and all characters, are fiction. All characters are over 18. This is my first story! I would love to receive feedback in the comment section and a positive star review! “Don’t touch me!” snaps Iona. “Alright, alright, jeez” replies Tom, slowly backing away from her. “What’s your problem anyway?” he asks. Iona

My hot wife

My wife Anju is about 50 years old. She looks awesome. She has got 36-34-38 figure. Mast boobs. Black colour nipples. She does not wear bra. She looks hot in red coloured sleeveless blouse. Her deep navel is visible always. I can fuck her only once in a month due to my old age. My