The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Dawood “Ghazal baji, your pussy is very beautiful. It is very soft and tight. I have never had such delicious pussy fuck till today.”
ghazal۔ “dawood fuck me as much as you want, but not here Take me into the room Wasim is lying in front. ”
Today Ghazal’s pussy had countless cock jerks. Ghazal was also at the height of lust but she did not want to have fuck in front of Wasim. Ghazal was on the floor between the doors. She was half inside the room and half in the lounge when David dropped her. Dawood’s cock was repeatedly giving pleasure to the Ghazal’s pussy which is craving for intercourse. Wasim had not fuck her for the past two months and tonight she was about to cum for the fifth time. The shame of the ghazal was gone. She wanted Dawood to fuck her . Ghazal may not have fallen in love with Dawood but her pussy fell in love with Dawood’s cock.

Dawood’s cock was constantly jerking in Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal left the room due to Dawood’s tremors and went to the lounge where her husband was lying unconscious. Ghazal put his hand over his mouth to control his moans and screams. in front of ghazal, her husband was lying unconscious and in behind of ghazal, her cousin Dawood was pounding her pussy.
Ghazal was about to cum again, she didn’t want to stop. Ghazal was also close to ejaculation. dawood was stroking the cock hard in Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal’s thick fleshy buttocks were shaking like jelly from the collision of dawood. Due to the rapid movement of Ghazal’s boobs, drops of milk were coming out and falling on the floor.
David gasped. “Ghazal baji I am about to cum.”
ghazal۔ “please cum Dawood, but not inside me.”


Suddenly Ghazal felt a hot and thick mixture dripping into her womb. This was David’s cum. Ghazal didn’t want her to take Dawood’s cum inside her but she was helpless. dawood was holding her hips tightly. He did not have the strength to free his fragile body from Dawood’s strong grip. At the same time, the ghazal also ejaculated. Now there was cum everywhere between Ghazal and Dawood’s legs. Ghazal’s hips and thighs got wet from her cum. There was also ghazal’s cum on Dawood’s testicles and penis hair.

Dawood’s cock was filling Ghazal’s uterus with cum. Dawood’s hot and thick cum was soothing Ghazal’s injured vagina and uterus. Finally, Dawood removed his cock from Ghazal’s torn pussy. Ghazal lay down on the floor. Ghazal’s pussy had become like an open pit and Dawood’s cum was vomiting from it. Cum was coming out of the vagina and falling on the floor.

Dawood was also lying on the floor near Ghazal. Ghazal was trying to control herself. She was accumulating enough energy in her body to get up and lie down on the bed. The two did not realize how close they would get to Wasim during intercourse. Suddenly Wasim shook his head and muttered something. Ghazal felt that Wasim was awake but Wasim was still unconscious and talking in his sleep. The ghazal could be heard clearly. Wasim was calling Fareeha unconsciously. Wasim was having a dream. Ghazal was shocked to hear Wasim’s words.
Wasim was muttering۔ “Fareeha, I enjoy having sex with you. Ghazal is very boring in intercourse.”
Wasim was unconscious but his words fell like lightning on the ghazal.
Dawood “Ghazal baji. You love the person who is betraying you.”
ghazal۔ “No, it can’t be. Wasim is dreaming in a coma.”
David “Ghazal Baji. Although Wasim Bhai is unconscious. But he is speaking the truth. I have seen both of them together many times.”

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