Unpredicted surprise encounters

Dear Readers,

This is my first real incident recorded in writing. So, I humbly request you to apologize, if there are any grammatical mistakes in this story, as this is my first story ever written.


Preface to this story: Got married just before lockdown and it was arranged. It was done in traditional Kerala style. This incident happened a year ago during first lockdown.

Let me introduce to the characters of the story: Myself (Karthik), my wife (Karthika) and
close cousin from my wife’s side (Kalpana). Karthik is 5’11 with 7″ inch tool, Karthika is 5’1 with Bust 36 inches, Waist 32 inches and Hips 36 inches having pink nipples, at last Kalpana with Bust 32 inches, Waist 26 inches and Hips 32 inches having brown nipples. Karthik & Karthika are in late twenties and Kalpana in late thirties. Now, I guess you will get the characters shape, size in your mind. Since, it is completely a real incident don’t expect sex all the time and fun right-away. Before marriage both of them didn’t speak & get an understanding together.

It was a traditional custodian marriage. Let me explain for those who don’t know how marriage happens in God’s Own Country. Only few important ceremonies explained. First it is “Dakshina Kodukkal” ie. ceremony is performed by the bride and groom, right before they leave for the wedding venue. They seek blessings from all the elders of the house. The Dakshina is a symbol of the elders’ blessings. Then, it is “Kanyadaan” i.e., it begins with a ceremonial welcome for the groom and his family, followed by the bride’s beatific entry. Then, we get down to the serious ceremonial tasks. The family priest takes his post and performs the holy ceremony, with the bride’s father handing over his daughter to her husband (literally). Finally, “Pudamuri” in this ritual, where the groom gifts his bride a saree on a platter. This symbolic gesture marks that he would forever act as a provider for her.

Then, I don’t want to bore you guys with lots of intricate details about marriage tradition. Let’s get into the story. It all started with marriage and lockdown helped a lot. Karthik started to indulge in some forms of sex at a very young age, though never had sex before marriage i.e., virgin. Karthik is a hardcore fan of watching porn movies, then ejaculates & sleeps off daily. He learnt lot of techniques through watching videos, but never had any real hands-on experience.

Karthika was a studious girl from childhood and she never indulged in any forms of sex before marriage and she has very less idea about it. Kalpana had run away from her home and married a guy who was literally in streets. Karthika’s family had abandoned her due to this act and she never had any real connection with anyone in the family except with Karthika. Karthika used to speak with Kaplana a lot from her childhood and became very close sisters.

As per the family tradition after marriage, Karthik had to go to Karthika’s home for first night and stay for 5 days. Karthik was well prepared and was waiting for that moment for many years now. Karthika was clueless about first night, so as usual she goes to Kalpana to discuss about it. Kaplana was shy, so she just said to her superficially about it. Though Karthika didn’t understand anything clearly agreed to the explanation from Kalpana instead of asking too many doubts.

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