Wife with son’s friends

My Suspicion became a reality after I caught my wife having sex with my eighteen year old sons friend one night when he slept over at our house with.

It all began one summer when on occasion I would notice Nayan acting different every time our son’s friend Shekar would sleep over at our house and the boys would stay up playing games on the Xbox or something.


I got suspicious after I would wake up and find Nayan not in our bed, So the first few times this happen I would go on back to sleep.

It was a few weeks later that I noticed Nayan acting real flirty with Shekar and even wearing sexy outfits at night while walking around the house in front of Shekar, You could see her sexy panty’s and even see the dark of her nipples in some of these gowns.

So later that night we all turned in to go to sleep and It was around 2am in the morning that Nayan got out of bed and left our room, I waited about ten minutes to see if she was coming back but she didn’t, So I got up and eased thru the house looking for her and to my shock I came to our spare bedroom and could hear muffled noises so I opened the door just a little to look inside and to my shock I could see Nayan on her knees giving Shekar a blowjob, I was shocked at first but then the sight of my forty year old wife who still to this day looks gorgeous as the day I met her on her knees sucking this young mans cock was really turning me on.

I kept standing there looking thru the crack in the door till Shekar stood up and positioned him self in front of Nayan with me having a side view like he wanted me to see what was about to happen, He took his cock in his hand and was jerking him self off with Nayan on her knees with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out, Then he moaned as he started spurting gobs of his cum on her tongue and in her mouth.

She then took his cock by her hand and sucked on it to get the last drop out of it, She was licking all over his cock and I could see his cum glistening on her cheeks, Lips, And a little dangling from her chin but she took care of that by running her finger over her chin then licking her finger clean.

Nayan was like a slut gone wild sucking and swallowing Shekar’s cream load, I eased the door back and went back to bed, Nayan came back and got in bed beside me and snuggled up close to me like nothing had happened and I could smell Shekar’s fresh cum on her face.

A week later Nayan asked our son Gaurav to invite Shekar over to spend the night if he wanted to, So this time I was going to be ready to catch all the action and I set up my nanny cam in the spare bedroom behind some boxes so no one knew it was there.

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